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UX Tip #93 Well designed forms boost conversion rates

form placeholder animation by Matt D Smith

Research has shown that when using web forms that follow usability best practice, users are almost twice as likely to submit with no errors on the first try (78% of submissions are successful on the first try for form that follow best practices, compared to only 42% for forms violating them).

Some best practice for web form design are easy to implement, but often forgotten.

For instance:

  • Present fields in a single column layout to keep users in the flow, with separate rows for each field.
  • Explain clearly any input or formatting requirements especially for setting login ID or passwords, and entering phone or credit card numbers, so users don’t have to guess the required format.
  • Don't rely on field placeholders instead of labels as they make it difficult for people to remember what information belongs in a field, and to check for and fix errors.

form placeholder animation by Matt D Smith
The float label form interaction by Matt D Smith 

If you're looking to improve your online conversion rates then you definitely need to consider form optimisation. A few small changes really can make a huge difference to your user experience, resulting in more successful customers.

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