UX For BI Dashboards

Thanks for attending our event on UX for BI Dashboards, held in association with TDWI and Business Minds on 26 June 2019.

It was fantastic to see so many people turn out to share our passion for creating exceptional user experiences!

We really hope you learnt something new from the presentations and took away lots of ideas for how you can design more engaging tools for the people that need to use them.

To assist with this, we are happy to be able to share the presentations with you so that you can reference them in your own time. To download your copy, just introduce yourself using the form.


Download your copy of the presentations:


Speaking on the night were three members of the Sitback Experience Design Team, and Craig Napier, Associate Director, Institutional Analytics and Planning at The University of Sydney.


Saurabh Karwal

Acting Director, Experience Design

In his 10 years of experience, Saurabh has worked with design teams in India, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Germany and Australia. He has lead teams of junior and senior designers, psychologists and HCI experts in order to help clients achieve exceptional design solutions and user experiences. He has lead projects for clients from domains including banks, education, automobiles, health care, aged care and data science.

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Cynthia Tang

Registered Psychologist & Senior Experience Design Consultant

As a Psychologist, Cynthia is passionate about helping businesses empathise and better understand peoples' needs and behaviours. Balancing this, her role as an Experience Designer also drives her to make informed, evidence-based design decisions to create exceptional experiences for all.
Cynthia has consulted on a variety of projects with high profile clients such as People’s Choice Credit Union, Data Republic, Department of Education, Anglicare and ASIC.

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Angela Wang

Experience Design Consultant

Angela is a Registered Psychologist (provisional) working as an Experience Design consultant at Sitback. Her background in psychology provides her with a strong analytical streak and research skills for application in usability testing, stakeholder workshops, contextual inquiries and analysing data to consolidate key insights. Angela has consulted to a wide range of private and public sector organisations, including Bet Easy and NSW Department of Education.

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