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UX Tip #43 Increasing users' trust and commitment

Although web designers are sometimes under pressure to collect user information as early as possible, asking for too much information too early can easily lead to users abandoning the site, as there has been no trust established.  

According to the the pyramid of trust , site-user relationships progress through a 5 experiential levels of commitments:

1. Baseline relevance and trust that needs can be met

2. Interest and preference over other options

3. Trust with personal information

4. Trust with sensitive/financial information

5. Willingness to commit to an ongoing relationship

Your users will not be willing to commit to an ongoing relationship until you’ve addressed all trust needs at the previous levels. Therefore, start with demands that require a low level of commitment and move to higher levels once you have built up their trust. A small change like removing an upfront login on a shopping website will allow users to browse, and hopefully find something they like, before having to give out their personal information.