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UX Tip #98 Happiness in the micro-interactions

While ensuring the information architecture, structure and other major building blocks of a website are optimised is extremely important, it’s also worthwhile to get the little details right as they have the potential to delight your users and leave a long-lasting impression.

What are Micro-interactions?

Accoring to Dan Saffer, Microinteractions are "contained product moments that revolve around a single use case—they have one main task. Every time you change a setting, sync your data or devices, set an alarm, pick a password, log in, set a status message, or favorite or 'like' something, you are engaging with a microinteraction".

For example, Twitter has a hover state on their website’s “Tweet” button telling the user the keyboard shortcut for submitting a Tweet, potentially saving them time in the future.

Google Hangouts offers fun little animations when you send certain messages, like a stream of ponies when you type “/ponystream” - not quite as useful, but something fun that adds to the experience of using the product.



So when you think you’re done with your design, consider whether there are any little tweaks you can add that can brighten someone’s day (without being an obstacle to their task).



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