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UX Tip #95 Touchscreen devices and ergonomics

Maximise tap targets

A good mobile design is not just about how easy tasks are to perform (i.e. usability), but also how comfortable it is to interact with (i.e. ergonomics).

This is of particular importance for touchscreen devices when the entire screen could be a touch-target.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your mobile design is ergonomic:

Place common controls togetherPlace common controls together to avoid users having to reach all over the device.


Maximise tap targetsMaximise tap targets to make it easier to tap and to reduce accidental missed taps.


Make text large and visibleMake the text bigger and legible so users are not forced to rotate the device or zoom in or out while reading.


Following these three simple UX Tips will immediately make it easier for your users to interact with your website or application.


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