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UX Tip #91 Let go of your fear and unleash creativity

Creative people are often stereotyped as those who know how to draw, design or use certain types of software like the Adobe suite. However, the definition of creativity is much broader; it is defined as:

'the ability to see and make a new pattern'.

Based on this definition, everyone can be creative, regardless of background, skills or profession.

One of the main reasons we often find it difficult to perceive ourselves as being creative are our internal fears.

Many people say fear is the acronym of 'False Evidence Appearing Real', which is true in a way.

We are afraid of many things, such as our ideas being judged as the 'wrong' idea. This mental framework blocks us from thinking outside of the box.

To mitigate these internal fears, we need to practise incubating and encouraging ideas rather than criticising them.

Practising an 'experimentation mindset' rather than an 'implementation mindset' will help allay our fears and unleash our creativity.

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