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UX Tip #25 Feature bloat

The temptation to add an extra feature or more options to your website is often hard to resist. How do we know the features and options we invest in are going to pay off? By asking the following questions we can ensure we are making good decisions for our users, whilst minimising the detrimental effects of feature bloat. Think about whether it really makes sense to add the new feature you're considering. How does it stack up against your business goals? Does it help the user make a key decision? Will it be a distraction? Would it be better placed somewhere else in the user's journey? Considering basic questions like these can help in making a quick initial assessment, however a more in-depth assessment is required in order to define the goals of the website, who the users are, and what their expectations may be. A variety of research methods can be used to identify them, with some of the most common being interviews or workshops with stakeholders and users. Another great option is usability testing, which gives you the opportunity to explore things in far more depth and in a number of different ways.