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Plan effective UX workshops in half the time! Free UX Script Builder tool

Planning a UX Workshop just got easier AND quicker!

This tool GUARANTEES to save up to 50% of time spent planning UX workshops!

Our UX team at Sitback Solutions www.sitback.com.auhas just launched its FREE version of the UX Script writer tool http://uxscriptwriter.io/

Our team of registered psychologists and HCI experts has created an easy to use online scriptwriter tool that allows UX researchers to create an effective workshop script in minutes!

Choosing from a series of approved, pre-defined tasks using drag and drop windows the researcher can choose from card sorting activities to mind map tasks. And, if an activity doesn’t exist…easy just use the custom block to create it!

To ensure your workshop runs to time each activity has a recommended time allocation.

The script is presented on a single easy to ready sheet that can be shared with others for feedback. Once you’re done save and print it as a PDF.

You can even clone it to reuse for another workshop!

“This tool helps me build awesome workshops quickly - it also makes sure I include everything iI need” - Jarrah (UX Consultant) 

Come and have play with the desktop version here…. http://uxscriptwriter.io/