Digital inclusivity: what is WCAG & why should my website be compliant?

November 12 2020

I founded Sitback 14 years ago, and during that time I’ve seen an increase in the number of businesses that are focussed on building their websites to benefit their users and make them as accessible... Read more »

When is the right time to migrate to Drupal 9?

May 05 2020

Drupal 9 is coming: are you prepared? Drupal 9 is almost here. This means an inevitable move from Drupal 7, and eventually Drupal 8, as support will no longer be available for either version from... Read more »

Five Essential Tips for Successful Agile Web Development

February 22 2019

For those of you out there who work in software development, you will likely be well aware of the ongoing and often heated debate over Agile and Waterfall development methodologies. Which is best?... Read more »

5 Key Considerations For Driving Customer Centricity In Government Digital Projects

November 01 2018

Deliver exceptional user experiences by ensuring your digital services are simple, clear and fast. Here at Sitback, we’ve worked with agencies on Human-Centred Design projects across all areas of... Read more »

5 Unusual Tips For Choosing A Website Design Agency

September 19 2018

As a Marketing Professional, I was recently asked by an acquaintance back in the UK, "How do you choose the right Digital Agency to build a website? What should I look for and what questions should I... Read more »

Presto! Reaches 1000 downloads milestone

October 10 2017

Sitback’s home-grown Drupal distribution sees early success   We’re incredibly excited to announce that our custom Drupal distribution, called Presto!, has recently smashed through the 1000 downloads... Read more »

Reducing Deployment Errors

May 15 2017

A reproducible deployment and release process is an essential tool in any development team. It reduces the all too real risk of human errors happening when releasing code. There are a lot of real... Read more »

Why the #$%& should I use symbol fonts

August 31 2016

By  Daniel Simington Everybody loves decorated text. It makes a heading or special point pop out and draws the eye to the points you're trying to get across. And one of the most effective ways to... Read more »

Asset Compression & the Impact on your Website Load Time

August 29 2016

 By  Chin Godawita JavaScript and CSS files are an integral part of modern web pages. Due to the way web browsers load pages, the size of these assets can significantly affect your website load... Read more »

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