Can you remind me what you mean?

January 11 2016

  By Zahra Cassam Sulliman You could be forgiven for hearing the phrase ‘User Experience’ (or ‘UX’) and not really understanding what it involves. Truth be told, having recently joined the field... Read more »

Another 5 Reasons UX Teams should include the Psychologists

November 30 2015

I have recently joined the UX team here at Sitback, and going back through the archives I came across an article that my colleague Nadine Kintscher wrote, ‘5 Reasons UX teams should include... Read more »

Social media feeds on ecommerce websites

October 23 2015

How to make the most of social media feeds on ecommerce websites It has become standard practice for ecommerce businesses to tap into social media platforms to connect with their customers.  There... Read more »

UX Psychologists | Design with Science

June 30 2015

User Experience Design is a magical mixture of art and science. On one hand, a focus on good aesthetics helps a design to fit the brand promise and elicit appropriate emotional responses from users.... Read more »

5 Common Misconceptions About UX

June 30 2015

In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the awareness of the value of UX amongst business executives and decision makers. More and more companies are building their own... Read more »

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