Consumer Behaviour vs User Experience

May 23 2016

Consumer Behaviour vs. User Experience   When we talk about User Experience (UX) we are referring to a person's emotions, motivations, behaviours and attitudes towards using a particular product,... Read more »

UX Tip #54 Ethics in user research

May 18 2016

When conducting user research, it is your responsibility as the researcher to ensure participants are in no way harmed or stressed as a result of their involvement in the research. Here are 3 things... Read more »

UX Tip #53 Design for user experience | small changes big impacts

May 10 2016

  In UX, every recommendation and design that is implemented is an experiment where we are testing a hypothesis. With that in mind, you don’t always need to do a big redesign to improve your website... Read more »

UX Tip #52 Humanising your website

May 03 2016

As explained in the MINDSPACE model, who the messenger is can have a great impact on the attention users pay to a specific message or the credibility they assign to it. If you have a section in your... Read more »

MINDSPACE and User Experience (Part 1)

April 29 2016

The MINDPSACE model (Messenger, Incentives, Norms, Defaults, Salience, Priming, Affect, Commitment, Ego) was the brainchild of Professor Paul Dolan, created to inform behavioural change polices for... Read more »

UX Tip #51 User experience design process

April 27 2016

The best way to create an IA that resonates with your target audience is to involve your users in the design process. A card-sorting activity can really help you understand users' mental models, and... Read more »

UX Tip #50 Optimising navigation

April 26 2016

Generally, users are quite impatient when they browse on the internet. If they are unsure whether they will find what they want on your website within seconds, they may leave and go to a competitor,... Read more »

UX Tip #49 UX designer developer | pre-populating fields in forms

April 22 2016

  We all know forms are tedious to fill out. As UX designers, we want to make our forms as effortless as possible in order to help our users save time and maximise completion rates. However, we need... Read more »

UX Tip #48 Usability testing session

April 21 2016

  If possible, review your notes from each usability testing session immediately after you finish a session and before the next participant comes into the lab. You can use screenshots of the website... Read more »

UX Tip #47 Over innovative design can harm UX

April 19 2016

A real innovation is something new that provides greater value than the previous alternatives, not just changing things to make them look new or different. A usability study conducted from Nielsen... Read more »

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