How To Work From Home - Sitback Style

March 25 2020

Well, this last week has been one hell of a long year. And with our entire team now working from home, we thought we would share a few little gems about what we have learnt so far on the topic of... Read more »

Welcome Annick! Meet the Newest Member of the Team

August 22 2018

It's been a busy few months for new starters here at Sitback, what with Rebeka last month and Leigh the month before. Now, I'm pleased to add Annick Kessels to that list! As has become the custom in... Read more »

Meet Our New Experience Design Consultant, Rebeka Hall

August 02 2018

Continuing our recent round of introductions to new Sitback faces, I'd like to introduce you to our latest member of the team, Rebeka Hall. Meet Rebeka Hall, Experience Design Consultant Connect with... Read more »

Meet Leigh, Our New Project Manager

June 22 2018

As our team continues to grow, I'm excited to announce the arrival of our newest addition to the team, Leigh Wood! Leigh joins our Project Management Team as a Senior Project Manager and will be... Read more »

Meet the newest members of the Sitback Team

May 17 2018

April was a busy month here at Sitback and we had a number of new people join our team. While we’d love to invite you all around to our place to introduce them in person, we thought that a slightly... Read more »

Robot Wars - who will be the ultimate champion?

March 17 2018

Things are about to get very competitive at Sitback HQ... We have just the launched the Sitback Robot Wars Challenge 2018! It's half team building exercise, half excuse to goof off and build robots.... Read more »

"Our way or the Highway" Charity pop-up burger bar

January 24 2017

Today “Team Dev” rose to the challenge of opening up a lunchtime pop up burger bar to raise money for 1 child Per laptop, a fabulous charity which aims “to provide each child with a rugged, low-cost,... Read more »

UX & Psychology – The benefits that a Psychologist adds to the Psychology of Web Design

September 14 2016

Why is it that psychologists work within UX teams? In this blog, we are going to explore some of the main reasons the user experience designer (UX) may be a psychologist, and the benefits.   The... Read more »

What is User Experience Design - UX?

September 08 2016

What is user experience design (UX)? Well, it’s had various definitions but its most critical is that user experience design (UX) is the end user’s interaction with a company, its services and its... Read more »

UX Tip #55 Applying curiosity to interface design

June 09 2016

It’s no secret that humans are captivated by unanswered questions and suspense. Behavioural economist George Loewenstein explains in his Information-Gap Theory that “curiosity happens when we feel a... Read more »

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