UX Practitioners - Errors We Make Without Even Realising

October 24 2018

Human capacity to perceive and process information is limited. If you think about how many thousands of stimuli we come into contact with each day, it's a wonder we can function at all! To cope with... Read more »

5 Unusual Tips For Choosing A Website Design Agency

September 19 2018

As a Marketing Professional, I was recently asked by an acquaintance back in the UK, "How do you choose the right Digital Agency to build a website? What should I look for and what questions should I... Read more »

Maximising Browser and Device Support

June 06 2017

  At Sitback, we want to make sure our websites and applications work for as many users as possible. As much as we would like to support every browser and device under the sun, the time we can... Read more »

Performance Goals

May 10 2017

At Sitback, user experience (UX) design does not simply describe the look-and-feel of a website or the user’s journey through it. It permeates all the way through to the development process of a... Read more »

Working as a team

May 08 2017

Sitback has a Support team who are responsible for maintaining and optimizing the web solutions of our retainer clients. Some of these solutions are built by our project team and some we inherit. The... Read more »

How good user experience design allows tech to enhance our humanity

May 05 2017

There is something humane about designing technology with the needs of its users at the forefront. At its core, UX is both an empathic and analytical practice, utilising research methods that allow... Read more »

Plan effective UX workshops in half the time! Free UX Script Builder tool

March 22 2017

Planning a UX Workshop just got easier AND quicker! This tool GUARANTEES to save up to 50% of time spent planning UX workshops! Our UX team at Sitback Solutions www.sitback.com.auhas just launched... Read more »

Faking on Facebook has real-world consequences

January 27 2017

The anonymity and asynchronous nature of the internet offers individuals the opportunity to be whoever they want – just watch the latest episode of ‘Catfish’ to see this in action. Although Facebook... Read more »

Beyond the customer journeys: from CX maps to service blueprints

January 13 2017

As User Experience practitioners, we have traditionally focused on understanding how users think, identifying customer pain points and envisioning a better experience for them. Thus, even if we need... Read more »

Improve your conversion rate by securing UX buy-in

September 28 2016

Part of the UX experience design process is understanding why customers decide to use a website or give it a miss. To succeed, it is important to improve your conversion rate by securing UX buy-in.... Read more »

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