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Social Influence in UX Design Research


Have you ever considered how your thoughts or actions are influenced by others around you?

And did you realise that this influence can be present, even if the other people are not?

At the May Meetup of the Enterprise UX Sydney Group, our UX Director, Áine Hart, spoke on the topic of Social Influence in UX Design - what it is and what to look out for as UX practitioners, as well as clear advice on how to mitigate the effect when conducting User Research and Testing.


Fortunately, for those that didn't attend the meetup, the kind folk over at Blueegg and Sustain Digital recorded the presentation so that you don't have to miss out.



Presentation Slides:



Áine has a Masters of Organisational Psychology from the University of NSW and is the UX Director here at Sitback. She applies our methodologies and design principles to uncover clear insights based on research to deliver exceptional experiences for our clients.

The Meetup was held at Tankstream labs and Áine was joined on the evening by Johanna Tibbertsma, Customer Experience Designer at icare NSW. Johanna’s topic was on “Measuring UX Interventions”.



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