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Presto! Reaches 1000 downloads milestone

Sitback’s home-grown Drupal distribution sees early success


We’re incredibly excited to announce that our custom Drupal distribution, called Presto!, has recently smashed through the 1000 downloads mark: proving that there is a real need for a way to get up and running with Drupal quickly.

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What is Presto!?

Here at Sitback, we love Drupal; an open source Content Management System that powers many of the websites that we build for our clients. Out of the box, however, Drupal is very much a blank slate. Indeed, this is one of Drupal’s most flexible features, but depending on what you want to do with the platform, the amount of customisation can vary from a little, to a heck of a lot.

So, to help our team of Drupal Developers hit the ground running with each new project, we built Presto!– a custom Drupal distribution based on the core Drupal 8 CMS, that also contains a select number of contributed modules, including Drupal Commerce as an installation option (currently the only Drupal 8 distribution to work with the popular ecommerce module), a custom theme designed to play nice with our pre-configured content, and a number of sane content editing defaults. The result is a magical way to kick start Drupal Development that we are proud to release back to the Drupal community – our way of saying thank you to the countless hours given by other developers across the world to make the open source Drupal platform such a great tool to build websites with.

The future of Presto!

Presto! Is still very much in its infancy; version 1.0 only landed in mid-July, but already we are seeing reductions in development time of at least 20%, and we have a roadmap stuffed full of new features which will help improve these time savings even further. So, stay tuned for more announcements soon – we have some really exciting things planned and we can’t wait to see what others are able to create (and how much time they are able to save) using Presto!

Find out more information on how to get started with Presto!



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