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Performance Goals


At Sitback, user experience (UX) design does not simply describe the look-and-feel of a website or the user’s journey through it. It permeates all the way through to the development process of a website as well.


The most important technical UX improvement that can be done to a website is undoubtedly its performance. For example, Amazon reports that every 100ms of latency, costs them a 1% of profit. Google has also found that an additional 500ms delay on their page loads causes a 20% drop in traffic. These are quite staggering losses when you consider the amounts of traffic those two web giants receive.


We have defined a set of performance standards that we try and follow across of our projects. These not only outline and explain page load time cut-offs but also go into detail on topics such as animation and perceived page load. These lay out a set of recommendations that try to remove the barrier of performance so that your users are able to get to where they are going as easily as possible.


Take a look at our web performance standards here: