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Maximising Browser and Device Support



At Sitback, we want to make sure our websites and applications work for as many users as possible. As much as we would like to support every browser and device under the sun, the time we can allocate towards a project is very much finite.

What we found ourselves doing in the past was defining a list of supported browsers & devices every time we started a project. What this meant was that every project targeted a subtly different set of browsers and devices. The difficulty here came when projects got completed.

As mentioned previously in http://blog.sitback.com.au/blog/working-as-a-team, It is rare that maintenance of a project is handled by the same team that initially built it. When every project requires different test targets, it adds a fair bit of maintenance overhead.

To help us reduce the amount of context switching required between projects, we have created a set of browsers and device standards. What this also helps us do is easily update the supported targets in a single place and have that flow through to all projects. This is especially important with the rapid update cycles that modern browsers have.

Look at our living browser and device support standards: