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Sitback is a leading digital agency based in The Rocks, Sydney. Voted top 25 in the 2016 BRW Best Places to Work in Australia, we have built a friendly 40 strong team to bring clients the best possible standards of service available. We specialise in Digital Delivery, UX Research and Design, Development, Support and Optimisation.

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UX Tip #80 Crazy 8s: Generating design ideas and alternatives

There is no one, correct, or definite solution to a problem. Therefore, when presenting your design solution to stakeholders, you need to be ready to answer this question: “Why is this design better than the alternative?”

You can use the Crazy 8s technique to help generate design ideas in the ideation phase and explore different alternatives. You can even bring a few alternative designs to the meeting and explain why they weren’t as effective as the design you are proposing. Frind out more about the Crazy 8s technique here

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Working as a TEAM with version control

Our team uses version control to maximise collaboration while minimising regression and loss of work. There are many flavours of version control and many methodologies on how to use them. There are many good options that will work for you. In the end, it comes down to your team workflow.

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Performance Goals

At Sitback, user experience (UX) design does not simply describe the look-and-feel of a website or the user’s journey through it. It permeates all the way through to the development process of a website as well.

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Working as a team

Sitback has a Support team who are responsible for maintaining and optimizing the web solutions of our retainer clients. Some of these solutions are built by our project team and some we inherit. The solutions that we inherit, we sometimes find the lack of a consistent coding practice. In the same solution, a multitude of variance with algorithmic approach, code formatting and solution pattern. Though these solutions are in working order and do not contain any bugs, they do present a significant challenge when it comes to introducing a new feature or optimising an existing functionality. These projects are hard to maintain as they are hard to read, understand and extend.

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