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Sitback is a leading digital agency based in The Rocks, Sydney. Voted top 25 in the 2016 BRW Best Places to Work in Australia, we have built a friendly 40 strong team to bring clients the best possible standards of service available. We specialise in Digital Delivery, UX Research and Design, Development, Support and Optimisation.

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UX Tip #81 Mobile ergonomics

Research shows that people generally hold their phone in one-hand, using their thumb as the primary navigation tool. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your mobile design is catered, if not optimised, for thumb usage and ergonomics. Ideally, you would want to test the ergonomics of a mobile design with a range of devices and screen sizes but this is not always possible due to time and budget constraints. As an alternative, you can copy and paste these Thumb Zone diagrams on top of your design to check if the main content and functionality are placed within the easy-to-reach zone across devices.

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