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My love for innovation and customer centric design has directed me towards a career in User Experience Design, using a User Centred Design methodology. I have a history of internships and work in product development, sales and marketing. This has developed qualities such as great communication across multiple disciplines and departments. In 2013 I studied Industrial Design at the Queensland University of Technology as part of the University of Leeds study abroad programme, whilst also having the opportunity to travel Australasia. I graduated from the University of leeds in July 2014 with a First Class Honours, integrated Masters Degree, in Product Design (MDES).

How To Work From Home - Sitback Style

Well, this last week has been one hell of a long year. And with our entire team now working from home, we thought we would share a few little gems about what we have learnt so far on the topic of going loco ‘fully remote’: some of it funny, some of it helpful, some of it just plain ramblings as the lack of human face-to-face interaction drives us slowly crazy. 

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