Loletta Cheng

I'm a Senior UX Consultant and Psychologist at Sitback, leading UX projects, mentoring junior consultants and delivering UX training for clients. As a UX practitioner and a registered psychologist, I aim to create delightful experiences through rigorous research and inclusive design so that people feel they are being understood and grin from ear to ear when using a product or service. I am a believer in growing, learning and excelling. I am also an advocate for experimentation, collaboration and iteration.
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Recent Posts

Announcing Our New Service Design Workshop Toolkit

March 07 2019

Running Service Design Workshops Human-Centred Design (HCD) professionals are broadening their scope beyond straight-forward interaction design to focus more on strategy, business, and services. This... Read more »

Thinking broader: Add a layer of service design to UX projects

March 23 2018

One of my first projects as a UX Consultant was to create and test the value proposition of an educational game designed for students. I followed the Double Diamond approach in this scoping project,... Read more »

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