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Jarrah Watkinson

Jarrah is a registered psychologist working as a UX Consultant at Sitback. Her background in psychology and user-centred design provides her with the expertise to apply evidence-based UX research and design recommendations and solutions.

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UX 101:  Understanding user experience, customer experience, and service design

User experience (UX), customer experience (CX), and service design (SD) are all important human-centred design disciplines that are underpinned by theory and rigorous research. These disciplines can be traced back many years, however it is more recently that they have gained popularity, particularly as more companies become design driven and are accepting design as a crucial business strategy (such as Airbnb, Adobe, and Google). Even with this increase in adoption, there still tends to be some confusion around what UX, CX, and SD are, and the purpose of each. This blog post will describe each of these disciplines, the benefits of them, as well as how they are interrelated. 

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Faking on Facebook has real-world consequences

The anonymity and asynchronous nature of the internet offers individuals the opportunity to be whoever they want – just watch the latest episode of ‘Catfish’ to see this in action. Although Facebook is regularly labelled as ‘Fakebook’, presenting a fake version of yourself on this social networking site may actually take a detrimental toll on your mental health. Recent psychology research conducted by Rachel Grieve and Jarrah Watkinson at the University of Tasmania in Hobart, Australia has demonstrated that presenting a version of yourself on Facebook that is too different from your true self may actually be associated with high stress and feelings of social disconnectedness.

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