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Cynthia Tang is a registered psychologist and works as a UX consultant at Sitback Solutions, a leading digital agency located in The Rocks, Sydney. Her passion for psychology and research helps her be a better UX-er.
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New Research: Online Shopping Behaviours of Today's Australians

January 24 2020

We believe that everyone deserves exceptional experiences; whether you are a business professional, a student, a grandparent, or a young child. With this in mind, we are always looking for ways to... Read more »

Hey Google, I Don't Want To Talk To You Anymore!

March 29 2019

Based on the current dominating trend of smart home devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, or virtual assistants such as Apple's Siri, it seems almost certain that voice interaction is here to... Read more »

UX Tip #100 Let users make mistakes during usability testing

January 31 2018

Occasionally, things don't go to plan. Often, they yield entirely unexpected results - and the world of UX is no different. During usability testing, it is tempting to stop or alter the test when we... Read more »

Designing chatbots with UX in mind

September 06 2017

From science fiction to reality, artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way, however media and popular culture these days have painted an image in our minds that AI can do anything and... Read more »

Social media feeds on ecommerce websites

October 23 2015

How to make the most of social media feeds on ecommerce websites It has become standard practice for ecommerce businesses to tap into social media platforms to connect with their customers.  There... Read more »

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