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#84 Reducing no-shows in your research

June 20 2017

As simple as it may sound, sending a reminder to your research participants prior to the session with the objectives of the research, the exact location of the venue and your contact details (in case... Read more »

#83 Slider design

June 15 2017

Sliders are a common UI design element that allow users to select a value or range from a fixed set of options. Sliders look inviting and user-friendly, but in practice they are difficult to... Read more »

#82 First impression and perceived value

June 13 2017

A website with good usability alone is not enough to drive user engagement. Among other things, it’s also important to consider the perceived value of the website to the user. Perceived value is the... Read more »

#81 Mobile ergonomics

June 07 2017

Research shows that people generally hold their phone in one-hand, using their thumb as the primary navigation tool. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your mobile design is catered, if not...

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Maximising Browser and Device Support

June 06 2017


At Sitback, we want to make sure our websites and applications work for as many users as possible. As much as we would like to support every browser and device under the sun, the time we can...

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#80 Crazy 8s: Generating design ideas and alternatives

May 30 2017

There is no one, correct, or definite solution to a problem. Therefore, when presenting your design solution to stakeholders, you need to be ready to answer this question: “Why is this design better...

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Working as a TEAM with version control

May 29 2017

Our team uses version control to maximise collaboration while minimising regression and loss of work. There are many flavours of version control and many methodologies on how to use them. There are...

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#79 Empathy in design

May 25 2017

Good design is an exercise in empathy with your users; only by understanding how they view and approach things, can you design products that make sense to them. Achieving this level of empathy... Read more »

#78 The art of walking through personas and user journeys

May 22 2017

Personas and user journeys often excite stakeholders, as they are visually appealing and interesting to read. How can we ensure these important deliverables are presented in an efficient manner?... Read more »

#77 Designing with white space in mind

May 17 2017

We have a natural tendency to fill interfaces with 'stuff', but empty (or white) space serves an important purpose in web design. White spaces help communicate the visual hierarchy of the elements in... Read more »

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